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Late inactivity

Hey guys.

Some of you have contacted us about the inactivity of late, and whether or not we’re still working on the site, etc. I can assure you that we have not given up on fighterpedia. It is an important project for us, which we have been trying to realise for a very long time. That is why we want to make sure that the new fighterpedia version is up to the standards we want, unlike the old one.

It has, however, been placed on the back burner for the past few months as other aspects of our lives (work, school, etc.) have taken priority. We hope to start work on it again in ernest as soon as possible, hopefully before the year is out.

We would like to thank you all for your continued interest and support, it means a great deal to us, and we hope we don’t let you down.

P.S. Just a small addendum to those of you who made the very kind offers to help us out. Currently I am still designing the database architecture and building the PHP framework for the site, so there is little for you to do at the moment, but we will need help later on, especially with adding content, so if at that time you are still interested in helping out we can figure out a way for you to do that. And thanks for the offers guys, we really appreciate it.




Fighterpedia redesign

Hey guys!

Fighterpedia is currently undergoing a redesign, and we are also in the process of finding a new home for our site.

I just wanted to assure you that we have stored all the user accounts and they will be there when the new site launches. In the meantime you can follow our progress here on this blog.

We appreciate all the support you have shown over the years and we hope that you enjoy the new Fighterpedia even more than before!